Central Lakes Trust
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The Central Lakes Trust was established to grant funds for community charitable purposes. 

The Trust fund was created when the Otago Central Electric Power Board bestowed the Central Lakes Trust with assets valued at $155 million in November 2000. The Trust has had a significant impact on many community groups since its inception, having approved grants totalling almost $70M to 31 March 2014. 

The Trust assists many community projects and services, but all must meet charitable criteria. For a purpose to be charitable, it must relate to one of the following four Heads of Charity:

  • the relief of poverty, 
  • advancement of education, 
  • advancement of religion, or
  • any other matter beneficial to the community. 

Also, all projects or services MUST provide a public benefit, and MUST NOT result in private financial gain.

Michael Paardekooper, CO Sports Turf Trust & Paul Allison, CEO, Central Lakes Trust check out the plans for the proposed water-based hockey turf in Cromwell
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The Trust's region is the same geographical area as Central Electric Limited's former Network Supply area. Organisations are only eligible for a grant if the project or services directly benefit the community within this region.


The Trust provides a "helping hand" to organisations and groups which service a need in the community.

This need must be "charitable" (in its legal sense), which means an organisation or project must be related to welfare, education or religious activities, or have a purpose which is beneficial to the community.

Pioneer Generation Limited

Pioneer Generation is 100% owned by Central Lakes Trust which was established to grant funds for community charitable purposes. Since its inception in November 2000 the Trust has approved grants totalling almost $70M to community projects and services in its region. Profits from Pioneer Generation go directly to Central Lakes Trust to help support its grants programe. For more information about Pioneer Generation, follow the link below:  






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Grant & Eligibility Requirements Update
Central Lakes Trust can only provide funding to charitable organisations for charitable projects.

In order for Central Lakes Trust to have certainty regarding an organisation's charitable status, organisations must be either registered with the Department of Internal Affairs Charities Services, or legally classified as a School, Church or Territorial Local Authority, prior to submitting an application.

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